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Episode 8: Inspections, A Foundational Step in Successful Fleet Management

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Inspections – where better fleet management starts

In this episode of the Straight Talk on Fleet podcast, Erin discusses the value of performing consistent and accurate vehicle and equipment inspections in your fleet. She digs into the risk and cost of inaction as it relates to vehicle inspections, what a solid vehicle inspection program should look like and what organizations should expect when the program is executed. Erin cuts through the noise and outlines a program for fleet leaders to follow. She also shares how inspections, as a part of your total fleet management solution, will increase safety and compliance, reduce unplanned events, and decrease accidents and maintenance costs. As always, Erin wraps by explaining how data collection and aggregation into a single source, deliver actionable insights that can predict the future and elevate the careers of fleet leaders.  

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Host: Erin Gilchrist  

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/erin-gilchrist-rugg/ 

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