Episode 6: Analytics’ Role In Predictive Maintenance Success 
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Your assets are telling you what they need. Are you listening?


Almost everything that happens to your fleet and drivers can be prevented (or reduce the risk in a very meaningful way.) The keys to building a truly proactive and predictive maintenance program for your fleet lies in how well you can collect and interpret the data signals coming from both your vehicles and your driver’s behaviors. This will inform how you structure your maintenance policy and compliance reporting to give you the visibility you need to keep your vehicles on the road and your drivers safe.  

Today, there is even greater pressure to build best practices and a center of excellence around your maintenance programs because the supply chain is strained. It’s more difficult to get the right parts ahead of the next incident. On today’s show, Erin reviews her experience rolling out predictive maintenance programs, and how she was able to segment her fleet for benchmarking, reporting, trend analysis, insights, and successful change management.  

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