Episode 23: The Fleet Community Pays it Forward; An Interview with Ryan Wilkins of Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio
Erin celebrates building the fleet community with 50 episodes and 11K followers on LinkedIn [Podcast]
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In this episode of The Straight Talk on Fleet, Erin hosts esteemed guest Ryan Wilkins, CMO of Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio and the Founder and Manager of RMHC’s National Vehicle Donation Program. Ryan is a longtime colleague and friend who inspires Erin to be a better human! Erin serves on the board of RMHC of Central Ohio and chairs the Vehicle Donation Program Committee alongside Ryan.  

Erin has always said that working for an organization that not only gives back but encourages and supports their associates in doing the same is a deal breaker for her. IntelliShift is a place where we encourage our team of associates to give back to the communities where they live and work. Erin shares her gratitude to the House and IntelliShift for allowing her to help fulfill our joint passion to give back to our communities! 

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