Episode 20: Interview with Bob Martinez of the NYPD: Adapting According to Bob
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In episode 20 of The Straight Talk on Fleet, we have the privilege of hosting industry expert Bob Martinez, Deputy Chief of the Support Services Bureau of the NYPD. He started out in 1986 as an auto mechanic and has held several positions over his 36+ year career at the NYPD. The Support Services Bureau provides logistical and technical support to all commands within the New York City Police Department & services the public through the operations of Fleet Services Division. Bob oversees approximately 800 members of the service and an annual operating budget of over $153 million. 

In this episode, we talk about how adapting to the impacts of unplanned events is one of the trademarks of Bob’s career and of working in NYC and in the NYPD. Bob shares how events like 911 and Super Storm Sandy threw the city for a loop and how he and his teams adapted, adjusted, implemented improvements for long-terms change, all while keeping the city moving.  

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