Episode 19: Controlling the Uncontrollable: Mitigate the pain of market conditions with a sound approach
Erin celebrates building the fleet community with 50 episodes and 11K followers on LinkedIn [Podcast]
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How to navigate a tricky supply chain and market


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Our macro-economic conditions are an opportunity to reassess our people, processes, and technology to mitigate the pain. In this episode of The Straight Talk on Fleet Podcast, we broadcast Erin’s webinar on how to control the uncontrollable. She digs into sound methods by which to mitigate the pain and pressure of a volatile market and succeed in the areas of people, fleet, operations and safety management. Erin breaks it down into a few categories:

  • How to reassess people, processes, and technology during times of economic uncertainty
  • Best practices related to project management, change management, and data stewardship
  • How the fleet technology marketplace has changed: breaking down the categories of solutions available today
  • “Ask Me Anything!” session with a former Fleet Manager of the Year!

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