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Interview: Fleet Manager deep dive with Danielle Wyres of Titan Solar Power

October 26, 2022

How Danielle Wyers deals with supply chain issues, work-life balance and more.


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Learn from one of the hardest working women in operations.

In episode 16 we have a wonderful guest Danielle Wyres, Director of Fleet and Logistics at Titan Solar Power out of Mesa, Arizona. Titan Solar Power is a people-forward organization with a healthy culture. They specialize in residential rooftop solar solutions and handle all aspects of their solar module installations.

In this episode, we touch upon a lot of key industry topics during this episode.

  • Danielle’s journey into the Fleet industry and her role as fleet director
  • Current fuel initiatives and how she must combat the high costs associated
  • She touches on being a leader and work-life balance as a mom
  • Using internal leadership to advocate and support her during the current supply chain environment
  • And so much more

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