Episode 15: Eliminate swivel chair management with fleet analytics
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IntelliShift Team

Learn the value of having all your fleet data in one place.


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Connecting your fleet data leads to a ton of value.

In today’s podcast, Erin brings it full circle, digging into data stewardship by way of a single connected, integrated, powerful, easy-to-use fleet intelligence platform. The main 3 tiebacks or themes that really resonate within each episode is; having a well-developed and adopted safety program for your fleet is foundational and will drive success, a modern tech stack to include telematics, AI video dash cams, and a fleet intelligence platform will produce the data and information you need, having a single, connected, and integrated fleet intelligence platform.  

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Host: Erin Gilchrist  

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/erin-gilchrist-rugg/ 

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