Integrated Safety Best Practices
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Best Practices for Creating an Integrated and Holistic Safety Program

Two years ago, Automotive Fleet reported that the annual accident rate for commercial fleets reached 20%.

For companies that run large fleets, the health and safety of your drivers and operators, public safety and your business success is at stake every day. With hundreds – or even thousands – of vehicles and assets to protect, you’ve got to run an operation that’s safe, efficient and connected.

That’s a tall order, one that takes a holistic, integrated and proactive safety program to fill. Where do you start?

In this helpful guide, you will learn:

  • How to approach safety holistically, and embed it into your organization’s culture
  • Ways to monitor and improve safety proactively versus reactively, while operators are both on and off the road
  • Key pillars to consider when rolling out a solution to enable your fleet safety program
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