[Press Release] IntelliShift Steers Fleet-Driven Enterprises to Operational Intelligence
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IntelliShift Team

Next-Gen Fleet Management Platform Connects the Dots Across Fleet and Operations Intelligence for Single Holistic View of Trends to Drive Organization-Wide Alignment and Success Outcomes 

January 7, 2020 — Commack, NY — VTS announces the launch of its IntelliShift division, offering a next-generation connected fleet and operations intelligence technology platform that harnesses fleet, asset, operator, and client data to deliver end-to-end visibility into fleet and asset operational performance. The solution fuels the digital transformation of fleet-driven enterprises by breaking down data silos into a single, 360-degree data view to inform and operationalize decision-making, allowing companies to meet business objectives.  

IntelliShift is a scalable business intelligence platform fueled by best-of-breed telematics and fleet health technology. It has been uniquely designed to evolve with the continuous process improvement goals of large organizations that are seeking next-generation fleet and asset driven ROI. Dashboards and data sets are purpose-configured right in the platform, giving decision-makers across the organization a high-level snapshot of compliance, safety, maintenance, productivity, and operator accountability data points. The intent is to empower role-based staff members and executives to look at interconnected data sets to ensure they have full visibility into how data impacts their business as a whole  

“VTS was started almost 20 years ago to deliver telematic solutions to mobile fleets. Our success is built on tireless customer collaboration to understand the short and long-term goals of their operations,” states John M. Cunningham, Jr., CEO. “IntelliShift is a transformative fleet-driven business intelligence solution that evolves traditional telematics to close the gap between fleet operations and management by turning data into intelligence to best support enterprise-wide goals. We believe the more we can help clients easily compare related information in the form of trending analysis, the better they will perform and the more money they will realize from their fleet operations.”   

Companies today may use up to 160 different technologies across their organizational footprint, often creating siloed, disparate data, and redundant tools. IntelliShift’s integrated platform reduces the number of technologies the fleet, safety, maintenance, finance, and compliance departments use, gaining a single pane of glass that delivers a holistic real-time operational view. IntelliShift furnishes the right optics per client to empower them to right-size fleet assets, assess individual operator behavior, and implement proactive safety and maintenance strategies.   

IntelliShift is a cloud-based SaaS platform that turns disparate data into growth-driving intelligence, putting fleet operations at the core of total business operations. IntelliShift also connects enterprise-wide data and systems to eliminate tech-stack redundancies through our robust and flexible API module IntelliShift Connect. The platform’s point solutions range from telematics to maintenance, offering customers the flexibility to deploy those capabilities suited to a company’s current needs. Additionally, they can seamlessly and easily add functionality as operational needs evolve,” says CTO Ryan Wilkinson.   

“We take a consultative approach to each customer engagement to ensure our technology level-sets fleet and operations as a business-driving investment, putting companies on track to meet the KPIs of tomorrow. Our award-winning customer success and dedicated onboarding teams have always delivered unrivaled, client-first customer experience. IntelliShift will further enhance that experience, setting us apart in the industry,” states Karen Cunningham, EVP.  

Large organizations across all business segments from food & beverage, utilities, regulated industries, field service, and construction, as well as all entities that rely on multi-use, non-powered and powered assets will benefit from IntelliShift.   

Download the Next-Gen Fleet Management & Technology buyer’s guide.  

About IntelliShift

IntelliShift is a division of VTS, offering a next-generation connected fleet and operations intelligence platform. The platform is composed of VTS’ 20 years of unrivaled client-first solutions and deep fleet knowledge, delivering the latest IoT connected fleet technology.

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