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IntelliShift Team

This article by IntelliShift CEO, John Cunningham, was originally published by Food Logistics on June 1, 2021.

Artificial Intelligence in Fleets: Big Brother or Sense of Safety for Drivers?

In February, Amazon announced it would be implementing artificial intelligence (AI) cameras across its fleet of delivery vans.

While the news was met with generally positive reviews by the public – commending Amazon’s commitment to safety on the road – the same cannot be said for those most impacted by the change — drivers. Many expressed concern over privacy, as the AI-cameras record 100% of the time while they are on their route, with the intended purpose of flagging safety infractions, including failure to stop at a stop sign, speeding and distracted driving.

This announcement has put drivers across the board on notice, as a variety of companies are following suit with in-cab AI video solutions. The most common hesitation voiced by drivers is that it feels “big brother-esque” to have managers with the ability to watch their every move.

But, this mindset betrays the real-world applications and benefits that this technology enables – from increased safety to layering in context on “events” like harsh braking or lane changes. It requires, however, fleet managers and organizational leaders to be fully transparent about why and how it will be deployed.

Read the full article on Food Logistics.

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