ConnectedOps 2020 Highlights: Customer Sessions, Customer Panels and Product Breakouts
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IntelliShift Team

In less than a week, IntelliShift is hosting its inaugural ConnectedOps virtual conference. At the event, you will hear from subject matter experts that span our customer base and key partners sharing best practicesas well as our own IntelliShift team members discussing new product releases and showcasing how IntelliShift offers the experience, connected operations and business intelligence that you can’t get elsewhere  

Every session will offer immense value to the audience. A few session highlights include: 

Customer Success at IntelliShift 

Join Kristi Faltorusso, a star in the customer success world, take a deep dive into when IntelliShift and the world of Connected Operations evolve, so must the way we support our customers. To help our strategic customers navigate these changes and maximize the value of the partnership, IntelliShift is making huge investments in Customer Success. 

What is IntelliShift? 

New to IntelliShift? This is the perfect session for you. Learn about how the IntelliShift platform aligns with client’s business goals and KPIs to maximize ROI. See how the platform can tailor to a solution to meet your specific needs.  

Connected Customer Panel

Join Panel Moderator Kyle Bennett, Customer Success Manager at IntelliShift, as part of a captivating customer panel discussion at ConnectedOps 2020. From panelists Gary Williams, Logistics Services for Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages, David Latourell, Director of Safety and Transportation for Paraco Gas and C.W. Schwalbe, Operations Manager at Northwell Health CEMS, you’ll hear unique perspectives on what business intelligence means for our customers from different industries and verticals.


Save your (free) spot at ConnectedOps 2020 today! 

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