ConnectedOps 2020: Connected Field and Asset Operations Lower Risk and Drive Efficiencies
connected vehicle and asset operations
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Attendees at IntelliShift’s ConnectedOps 2020 virtual conference were treated to a look inside IntelliShift’s vision to help customers achieve a revolutionary business advantage – and next-generation ROI – through connected field and asset operations.

In their session, Ensuring Your Assets Are Never a Liability, IntelliShift president, Doug Eden, and chief technology officer, Ryan Wilkinson, shared how IntelliShift combines its industry-leading connected vehicle and asset operations platform and an unwavering commitment to customer success to drive efficiency and profitability in the enterprise market.

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Visionary Operations Leaders Optimize Asset Usage to Gain Profitability

The IntelliShift platform is designed for visionary operations leaders who understand that their organization’s profit is directly tied to optimizing their assets.

“We often speak with organizations who are spending millions and millions of dollars on fleet, safety and maintenance solutions,” Doug said. “And yet, after that extreme expenditure, they’re still unable to get holistic visibility into the business processes where they need to effect a change.” They have exhausted the ROI they can get from their current, legacy platform.

Faced with four or five (or more!) siloed data sets, organizations are burdened with the monumental task of trying to either integrate those solutions, or export and manipulate the data sets using more manual methods. Both options wield a significant productivity hit, and neither provides the business and operational insight needed to drive effective decisions and profitable growth.

Lead With Business Intent to Maximize Next-Generation ROI

Applying its deep industry knowledge gained through 18+ years of experience in telematics, IntelliShift knew the problem could be solved.

The issue is that traditional telematics systems capture sheer volumes of data, and then deliver it to clients without any meaningful context. Bringing all of that data into the organization in silos compounds the problem.

That’s why IntelliShift’s solution begins with the customer’s business intent. “We work backwards, understanding the customer’s business goals to identify how they can maximize their next-generation ROI,” Doug explained. By keeping a laser-focus on business intent, we can define a meaningful context for their key data sets.

An important step in this process is helping customers see the intersection points across their operational footprint – identifying places where departments will benefit from working more closely together because their data and processes are related. With improved alignment, multiple applications will no longer suffice.

“Our vision is to deliver optimized business outcomes by removing the data silos in your organization by connecting your data, your people and your technology,” Ryan said.

Modularized to Scale Holistic Business Insight and Operational Efficiency

To accomplish its mission, IntelliShift rejected the traditional one-size-fits-all solution-in-a-box.

The true value of IntelliShift comes from taking the core telematics function and integrating it with a variety of other business data sets, business process and digitization efforts and best-in-class partnerships. Ultimately, we’re able to provide a holistic, centralized and unified operations solution.

By deploying a solution tailored to your business and its objectives, your organization will be positioned for rapid fiscal and process improvements.

IntelliShift IS Wheel

Deploy a Connected Vehicle and Asset Operations Solution that Grows with Your Needs

IntelliShift’s full suite of solutions goes beyond core telematics to help you realize your full vision for optimizing your operations and profit.

By bringing telematics, safety, compliance, fuel, maintenance, routing and more into one integrated platform – with multi-dimensional analytics tools and powerful at-a-glance dashboard views – you’ll gain greater visibility and cross-functional ROI.

The IntelliShift platform gives you the ability to transform your data into operational insight you can use to monetize and revolutionize your business.

IntelliShift’s Success is Measured by The Success Our Customers Achieve

While revolutionary technology can be a game changer, to deliver success, a solution must align with the customer’s business, and deployment can’t interrupt operations. With experience gleaned from working with 3,000+ customers – and using a rigorous onboarding process complete with QA and QC controls – we use a phased deployment model that delivers the greatest success and the highest ROI to our customers.

“The deployment and the onboarding with these products and technologies is extremely important and it’s vital for success,” Ryan said. “The IntelliShift model is built on collaboration with our customers. There’s no shipping a box and relying on self-install.”

Customer success is at the pinnacle of our process. We have designated account teams, and an onboarding process tailored to the unique needs and business goals of each customer, as well as ongoing training and enablement.

Ryan summed up IntelliShift’s commitment and focus. “Connecting your operations is our vision. Bringing in more data about your operation and your business to deliver more meaningful insights to connect your people, your technology and, fundamentally, your business.” It’s about providing the right information to the right people at the right time.

Ready to learn more about how IntelliShift can take you to a next-generation ROI? Let’s Chat.

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