Is Paper Jamming Your Flow? 5 Signs You Need a Digital Inspection Solution
Paper jamming your flow?
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The antiquated paper process you’re still using is jamming the flow of your multi-purpose fleet operations. A digital inspection solution can increase your profits. 

Paper processing is a culprit of improper inspections, causing delays between the time a mechanical issue is reported and when repairs are completed. Other unwanted results include missed or partial inspections that lead to high breakdown costs and increased asset downtime. Plus, having employees manually enter inspection data drives up the probability of non-compliance due to human error.

Annual costs of paper logbooks are estimated at $45,720 for a fleet of 1,000. 

Here are 5 signs you need to digital inspection solution:

  • Reporting Delays – The lag time between reporting a vehicle, equipment, or jobsite problem and repair completion.
  • Poor Team Communication – Paper forms result in poor communication — or none at all — between operators, mechanics, and administrators about breaks or the need for scheduled maintenance.
  • Costly Equipment Repair – Unscheduled machinery or equipment malfunctioning is more expensive than scheduled preventative maintenance.
  • Pencil Whipping – Drivers rush through paper checklists, increasing data errors, and a lack of accountability or potential legal risk.
  • Expensive Fines – Faulty jobsite equipment and multi-purpose fleet assets don’t always meet industry compliance standards, resulting in costly fines and strained budgets.

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Companies switching to a digital solution simplify pre- and post-trip inspections and safety protocols for vehicles, trailers, ladders, or chemical storage containers — any assets affecting the customer experience.

Electronic tools make it easier to diagnose vulnerabilities and schedule fixes before problems snowball. By eliminating laborious paper processing, you immediately reduce the burden on employees and realize the benefits of connecting compliance to workforce productivity. And with the ability to tailor checklists to your business needs, you can more easily maintain federal, state, or local compliance standards.

A significant advantage of digital inspections is valuable inspection data for leaders to strategize preventative maintenance and employee safety better.

Unified asset data and standardized workflow processes ready companies to glean operational intelligence for data-driven decision making, helping managers to right-size fleets, deploy necessary equipment, or to determine how many operators are needed on a jobsite for business success.

So, if you’re ready to move to a digital inspection tool, IntelliShift Inspect is the solution you need to reduce processing time and meet compliance standards while maximizing workforce productivity and profits.

Meet operational compliance and safety with In The Field, our standalone or fully integrated digital inspection app. Talk to a compliance expert today. 





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