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Connect to mission-critical operational datasets with IntelliShift’s flexible, open API

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connected operations with intellishift api

Connected operations start with connected data

It’s your data, so make it matter. Connect API empowers you to use your data to see the big picture and unlock valuable insights. 

The IntelliShift Connect API was designed in partnership with complex, multi-use operations to provide a flexible way to fuse data between the IntelliShift platform and third-party platforms for total fleet management integration. Push or pull from your vehicle and safety data to reap the benefits of these important business insights.


What you’ll achieve with Connect API

Full visibility across departments
Achieve better operational decision-making. Connect fleet performance and safety data to payroll, ERP, CRM, business intelligence tools, and more for deeper visibility into how your mobile operations interact with the rest of your business.
Create custom workflows and automation
Save time and make life easier for your operators and the back office. When data is connected between systems, you can create custom workflows and automations to process changes and inputs between systems.
Better understanding of the big picture
With access to all your data, and the ability to pull IntelliShift data into pre-existing business intelligence reporting, you’ll gain a more complete understanding of your entire operation.
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“Customer service is clearly a part of IntelliShift’s culture. In a few instances where I knew the requests would be challenging, you exceeded my expectations by providing solutions for me.”

-Gary Williams, Liberty Coca-Cola

Connect API capabilities



A truly open and flexible interface that’s easy for your IT department to use, Connect API is powerful enough to meet any operational need.


Connect to any data

Connect to everything from ERP, CRM, and ELD solutions, to HR and payroll systems, ERM, asset management solutions, and more.


Flexible user permissions

Keep your data secure by customizing access permissions.


Free text capabilities

Add a driver or vehicle to one system, and automatically input that same data into IntelliShift. Assign tags to assets and operators for report filtering so you can easily see asset locations, equipment tags, and more.


Scalable request volume

Pull unlimited data into IntelliShift, with no restrictions on the number of requests.

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Learn more about unlocking truly connected operations with IntelliShift’s guide to building out your connected vehicle and asset tech stack.

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