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Since 1998, SambaSafety has been the leading North American provider of cloud-based mobility risk management software for organizations with commercial and non-commercial drivers.

Through the collection, correlation and analysis of driver record, telematics, corporate and other sensor data, we help employers better enforce safety policies and reduce accidents.

What does our integration do?

With the industry’s most complete, accurate, and frequent driver license monitoring service, companies can:

  • Identify at-risk drivers with continuous MVR monitoring
  • Make well-informed hiring decisions through the collection, correlation, and analysis of driver information.
  • Receive automated alerts on negative violations (e.g. speeding tickets, crashes, suspended licenses, DUI)
  • Enroll drivers into specified course training addressing high risk behaviors before a disqualifying event occurs


Qorta is a feature packed system for monitoring MVRs and CSA data. Collected data includes alerts, reporting and workflows, along with risk scoring and analysis tools and API connections

How do I get started with Samba Safety?

If you’re interested in learning more about Samba Safety, please contact our sales team at the link below.

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