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Ford Data Services™ is the link between your vehicle data and your business system or service provider. It’s robust, secure and designed to work with your chosen systems and providers.

New Ford vehicles come with an embedded modem that works seamlessly with our solutions to provide rich telematics data. Which means you won’t need to spend time and money purchasing or installing additional hardware.

What does our integration do?

Through a close collaboration between IntelliShift and Ford Commercial Data Services, a division of Ford Motor Company, IntelliShift continues its ongoing commitment to expand and augment the list of data sources available for our customers – delivering more accurate analysis, decision making and driver safety.

One of only eight providers that has cleared Ford’s high bar for telematics collaboration, the IntelliShift platform ingests manufacturer-grade information from the Ford Data Services platform without the need for any additional third-party hardware – including IntelliShift hardware. Ford telematics data is brought into the IntelliShift platform via cloud-to-cloud integration with the Ford API.

The IntelliShift solution leverages the OEM Ford telematics hardware embedded in Ford commercial vehicles. It is available for select 2018-2019 vehicles and all Ford commercial vehicles beginning in model year 2020, leveraging factory fitted OEM Ford Telematics hardware.

How does it work?

IntelliShift pulls data from Ford vehicles every 120 seconds when the ignition is on.

The data is delivered through the IntelliShift web application in the vehicle telematics module and mobile applications. Users can also set up real-time alerts, view historical reporting, and playback driver routes using Ford OEM Telematics data.

Benefits for Adding New Ford Commercial Fleet Vehicles:

  • No on-vehicle hardware installation required  
  • Eliminates installation downtime  
  • Streamlines onboarding to the IntelliShift platform  
  • Speeds time to value

How do I enable this integration?

To learn more about integrating your Ford vehicle fleet data into the IntelliShift platform, reach out to our sales team below.

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