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GPS Fleet & Asset Tracking

AI Dash Cams + Fleet Safety

Compliance + Fleet Maintenance


The Best of Telematics and AI Video Dash Cams in One Platform

IntelliShift is a smarter integrated solution for GPS tracking and AI Video Dash cams. Say goodbye to your point solutions.

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Why Growing Fleets Use IntelliShift

Streamline fleet operations, field operations, safety, and compliance with a modular solution
built to help smaller fleets scale, save time, and improve the bottom line.


Spend more time "doing"

A simple, all-in-one fleet solution combined with professional, in-house onboarding and installation means you’ll spend less time in reactive problem solving and more time delighting your customers.


See everything that's happening

Replace point solutions with a platform that captures everything you need to know about your fleet in one place. Location, utilization, safety, behavior, compliance, and more.


Protect and coach

Safety technology shouldn’t be a point solution bolted on to your fleet management softwareStart with a platform with integrated AI Video dash cams, driver scorecards, inspections and maintenance, and ELD compliance. 


Faster Support = Fleet Growth

Tired of waiting weeks for installation or dealing with a provider that is unresponsive to your needs? Our onboarding and account teams are focused on your team’s adoption and growth. Your business is our top priority.


All-in-One Fleet Solutions

GPS Tracking

Know where your vehicles and assets are to intelligently dispatch your fleetArm your fleet with the most trusted telematics solution in the industry.


AI Video & Driver Coaching

Protect your drivers and save time doing it by upgrading to integrated AI Video dash cams with real-time incident detection and preventative in-cab coaching.


Compliance & Maintenance

Stay on top of changing government regulations and proactive vehicle maintenance with a suite of compliance, ELD, Digital Inspection and preventative maintenance tools.


Faster onboarding and better support so you can just GO

Our customer success organization is focused on guiding growing fleets through digital transformation quickly and efficiently while ensuring an optimal ROI and speeding time-to-value.

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