AI Dash Cams and Safety for Growing Fleets

Reduce accidents, injury, and liability with powerful in-cab video and innovative safety management solutions.

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Why You Need All-in-One Fleet Safety

Safety Matters For All Sizes

According to research from fleet fuel card carrier Comdata, fleets experience the same safety risks regardless of size. 

Prevent More Accidents

Accident rates for commercial Fleets are above 20%. AI Video Telematics and in-cab driver coaching can reduce accidents by up to 60%, and reduce costs by 86%.

Prove Drivers’ Innocence

80% of incidents drivers are routinely blamed for are not actually their fault. AI Video Telematics data helps you prove it.

Native AI Video Dash Cams and Fleet Safety

Tools to Protect Your Drivers and Spend Less Time Doing It

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The safety of your operators and vehicles is the most important part of your role. Choose a platform the brings integrated safety, dash cams and fleet telematics together to proactively reduce risk and costly accidents.

Video Safety

AI Video Dash Cams

Protect drivers more efficiently with a proactive in-cab video solution, delivering a best-in-class company-wide safety experience. Detect incidents and provide proactive alerts and coaching to prevent accidents and easily access the right video footage to help settle claims.

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Driver Coaching & Behavior Training

Coach Your Drivers

Seamlessly connect with your operators to manage, monitor, notify and coach to ensure adherence to safety policies are in place. Operator behavior monitoring and driver scorecard features are tailored to meet specific safety and business goals.

Operator Safety Management  
Compliance and Inspections

Stay Compliant with ELD and Digital Inspections

IntelliShift Logbook and Inspect provide configurable compliance and inspection forms, checklist and automation, so you and your drivers will be covered across all local, state and federal fleet regulations. 

Logbook   Inspect
Reporting and Insights

Get Safety Insights in Real Time

Elevate above the data chaos with a single solution and dataset for comprehensive, real time insights across telematics and safety. Track and analyze all aspects of your business processes in one place and work toward improving visibility across your team’s daily and weekly, and monthly, fleet-wide safety metrics.

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How To: Driver Coaching and Training
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How Integrated Safety Helps Your Fleet Grow

Reduce Manual Work and Errors

AI-powered video safety helps you save massive amounts of manual work finding and reporting on incidents and related footage. Record and prioritize all the events and alerts that are most important and get notified in real-time.


Protect More Drivers

In-cab voice coaching, heads-up alert display and AI-powered proactive incident detection keep your drivers safe while they’re on the road, and provide you with easy-to-access footage so you can challenge false insurance claims quickly and effectively to clear your company and innocent drivers.


Reduce Insurance Premiums & Accident Frequency

In-cab AI Video and coaching is critical to preventing incidents and lowering your commercial insurance premiums. Deploying a smart Video Telematics solution is shown to reduce claims by up to 25%, collisions by 60%, and lower distracted driving by up to 80%.


Build Your Brand

Improving your safety posture in your local community is more important than ever Integrated safety, digital inspection and maintenance solutions will keep your drivers safe, extend vehicle and equipment life, and create a market winning customer experience.

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Customer Success

Faster onboarding and better support so you can just GO

We know you need timely assistance after a new deployment, fleet expansion, or even just normal wear and tear. Our onboarding and account management specialists are hyper responsive and always on to help you get onboarding, install new hardware, fix faulty equipment or generally just take the heavy lifting out of your everyday fleet management needs.

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