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US Ecology Improves Response Time, Safety, Compliance and Productivity

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How US Ecology Improved Response Time, Safety, Compliance and Productivity with IntelliShift

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Industry: Environmental Services

“Our partnership-style relationship with IntelliShift provides us with an unprecedented level of support.”

Anne McNeil, US Compliance Manager, US Ecology

For US Ecology, a leader in the environmental services and emergency response industry, real-time access to accurate location information for its teams and assets is a necessity. Clients across North America count on a rapid response.


  1. Previous provider was not responsive to unique business needs or data accuracy issues

  2. Lack of accurate vehicle and asset location information slowing response time to emergency calls

  3. Inability to monitor driver behavior on the road to ensure safety and compliance

  4. Data silos reduce productivity across departments


  1. Find a solution partner that would listen and respond to custom requirements to meet business and operational goals

  2. Real-time tracking of vehicle and asset locations for faster emergency response with properly equipped teams

  3. Have eyes on the road to better manage operator behavior and safeguard communities

  4. Easily accessible data streamlines productivity across departments including maintenance, accounting and risk management


  • Reduced emergency response time
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Increased asset utilization
  • Reduced time spent managing ELD compliance

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