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IntelliShift offers a single, simple-to-use platform to consolidate your tech stack.

How It Works
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Serving America’s largest field operations
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Finally, a smart way to run your fleet operation

Point solutions are killing fleet operations and safety teams. You don’t have time to manually combine disconnected fleet data, so you aren’t getting the insights you need to impact change. Enter the Connected Fleet Intelligence Platform.




Intelligence improves fleet and safety operations

Fleet Intelligence allows you to make a powerful shift from putting out fires to driving true operational change.

  • Improve Safety
  • Make intelligent decisions
  • Boost efficiency
  • Maintain a healthy fleet

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Our customers reduce risky driving behavior by 9X.

Reduce accidents, injuries, and financial liability with powerful in-cab video and safety management software that fosters better driving behavior and prevents accidents from happening in the first place.

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fleet analytics

Our customers solve operational issues faster than ever before.

Understand your fleet data at a deeper level than you’ve ever experienced. Digest large data sets from your vehicles and 3rd-party point solutions to glean insights and take action quickly, all in one simple-to-use platform.

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Free up to 4 hours of your team’s manual work per day.

IntelliShift takes telematics, AI Video, maintenance, and inspections technology to the next level by providing the functionality you expect from point solutions, consolidated into one platform, with tools for your whole team. This makes it easier than ever to get the job done and to meet your objectives.

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Our customers reduce maintenance costs by more than 35%.

Improve driver and shop workflows by connecting digital inspections and fleet maintenance processes. Empower your team to catch issues early, and accelerate the time it takes to address them.

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Case Studies

See immediate fleet ROI

Connected Fleet Intelligence and an unbeatable customer experience deliver immediate financial benefits.


Decrease in dangerous driving behaviors


Decrease in fleet maintenance costs


Reduction of fuel costs
Why IntelliShift

Unbeatable customer support

Mediocre solutions with poor implementation and support have been the norm in fleet management. We’re here to show you another way:

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Our expertise = your ROI.

With 20 years of successful deployments and partnerships across industries and fleet sizes, we ensure you’re set up with the right modules and resources for a successful deployment and immediate ROI. We’ll empower you to answer the important questions quickly: What drivers need to be trained this week? Where is payroll leaking? Why is fuel spend only an issue in one region?

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