ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Are Paper Inspections Doing Their Job?

Prevent downtime, reduce operator burden, and ensure compliance with digital inspections

We’ve all adapted to the sudden changes that the spread of COVID-19 has forced upon us. As we look to the future, it’s clear that increasing our use of technology and connected processes will be key to coming back stronger and better equipped to meet company goals and customer expectations.

Digital Inspections Webinar

Listen as IntelliShift’s maintenance and inspection solutions expert, Albert Ross, and integrated solutions architect, Patrick Quiery, discuss how digital inspections provide a unique opportunity to revamp inspection procedures and operational processes in a way that sets you up for success both now during the COVID-19 crises and for the long term.

The webinar covers:
  • How digitizing inspections boosts the safety and efficiency of your fleet’s operations
  • How the right tool increases workforce accountability
  • How to configure inspection checklist and safety protocols to meet FMCSA, DOT, OSHA, MSHA compliance
  • Key considerations when evaluating your next inspection solution


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