Telematics for Connected Vehicle and Asset Operations


Optimize Your Business with Real-Time and Historical Insights from Interconnected Telematics Data for Powered and Non-Powered Assets and Their Operators.

Telematics data is at the heart of your business – how your vehicles, assets, and equipment are working together impacts not only on your internal operations but also your customers and bottom line. Being able to see in real-time how optimized your business is at both the individual level and at a bird’s-eye view is critical to truly understanding where your opportunities lie.  

Gain visibility into your multi-use fleet to help reduce operating costs and maximize profits.

The future of telematics is connected. More than ever, you can understand how well your multi-use fleet and operations are working together with advanced, intuitive IoT technology. Forward-thinking businesses will leverage their fleet and asset data to scale business growth, save money, and drive revenue.  

IntelliShift’s telematics does this for you. Our end-to-end solutions integrate vehicle, equipment, and asset data along with key data from your other systems across your organization. This allows for total transparency and arms department heads with real-time insights to make informed decisions that align with your organizational goals. 

Silent Passenger Telematics

End-to-end asset and fleet management visibility within one intuitive platform  

Silent Passenger is a configurable, modularIoT telematics solution that intuitively breaks down data silos across multi-use fleet and business operations to increase fleet safety, compliance managementproductivity, and profits. 

Asset Tracking

Protect your investments with complete visibility and control of your assets  

Improve the security and inventory of your powered and non-powered assets such as trailers, freight, shipping containers, or heavy equipment locally or across the nation. 

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Our Modular, Integrated Solutions Deliver Actionable Enterprise Operations Intelligence

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