Telematics for Connected Vehicle and Asset Operations

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Technology to Track and Measure Everything Happening with your Fleet

The future of vehicle and asset operations is connected. Understand how well your multi-use fleet is working and leverage fleet data to scale growth, save money, and drive revenue.  IntelliShift’s telematics does this for you.

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Telematics Features and Solutions

Vehicle and Asset Telematics Solutions:

Silent Passenger Telematics

Track and measure everything happening with your vehicles. Silent Passenger breaks down data silos so you can increase fleet safety, compliance, fuel efficiency, productivity, and profits. 

Asset Tracking

Improve the security and utilization of your powered and non-powered assets whether they’re local or across the nation.


Combine the Best of Telematics with AI Video Safety in One Solution

Streamline your technology with the smart solution for all-in-one Telematics + AI Video Safety: Protect and coach your drivers with HD video, AI and proactive incident detection.

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Talk to an IoT Telematics Expert 

Learn how our IoT telematics solutions can provide the real-time insights needed to run an optimized business.

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Our Modular, Integrated Solutions Deliver Actionable Enterprise Operations Intelligence

Operations Intelligence

Fuel Management

AI Video Dash Cams

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