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Dash Cams

Minimize accidents and lower insurance costs with a comprehensive view of drivers across your enterprise fleet.

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Put the Focus on Protecting Your Operators and Business

The IntelliShift dash cams provide driver-facing and road-facing video safety as a method to reduce accidents and ensure safety and operational efficiency. Our dash cams are a versatile technology solution that combines the ability to enhance the safety of your vehicles with the power to fully integrate data throughout your entire fleet. Gain the operational efficiency of compiling data and sharing information throughout your enterprise with our innovative IntelliShift platform.

Encourage Safe Driving

Increase safe driving behavior with dual-facing cameras and integration with our Driver Scorecards. If a safety-compromising event occurs, a 20-second video clip of the event is automatically created to evaluate the cause as well as view outside factors that may have contributed to the event. 

Reduce Accidents

Minimize the occurrence of accidents by utilizing the ability to connect with and view drivers on the road. Video safety insights, paired with our driver scorecards, will support the development of coaching programs that equip operators with the skills to keep them and others safe on the road or at a site.  

Protect Operators & Your Brand 

Protect against false claims that could put employees or your business at risk. Incentivize fleet teams with safety measures and practices as well as lower insurance costs. 

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Learn how our dual-facing dash cams will enhance your operator safety program to effectively manage and meet your safety goals.

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Dash Cams

Learn how to leverage our video safety dash cam technology alongside our driver scorecards to help put a focus on safety.

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