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Customizable Alerts Protect Your Operators and Reduce Risk

August 05, 2020

Any organization that uses a telematics solution is familiar with event-triggered alerts. Most organizations use alerts to monitor their assets and mobile workforce with such alerts as exceeding speeding thresholds, activity within a geofence, or arriving at or leaving a landmark.  

Real-time alerts and notifications help keep the right people informed, at the right time. There are three key components that make up useful alerts: 

  1. Accurate real-time data 
  2. Configured to your cross-functional business operations 
  3. Sent to the right people 

Being able to configure your alerts based on your specific organizational needs and goals is imperative to being proactive. It also drives user adoption of your telematics solution.  

Prior to using IntelliShift, a large beverage distribution client was about to give up on telematics due to low user adoption. When they switched to IntelliShift, adoption increased because of its configurability, ease of use, and data reliability. Because alerts and the platform are configured to their business, they gained the cross-functional visibility and notifications needed to make informed decisions. 

This type of visibility leads to data-driven insights that will begin to make a meaningful difference to your business operations and bottom line. We call this “connected field operations” because it goes beyond basic telematics, unifying your end-to-end processes and data within one platform. 

In this On-Demand Webinar, originally conducted for clients, IntelliShift Integrated Solutions Architect Patrick Quiery covers how alerts help ensure cross-functional visibility to reduce risk and improve operational efficiency across your business.  

Topics include: 

  • How to set up alerts for events that matter most to your business 
  • Use cases for various alert types 
  • Ways to maximize the value of those insights 

See first-hand how implementing the right alerts provides the visibility to proactively protect your workforce, brand, and bottom line.  

Watch the Webinar