Episode 11: Top 5 Tips – Automate Fleet Operations To Spend More Time on Your Business
Automate fleet operations to save time
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IntelliShift Team


When you’re responsible for the efficient operation of a growing fleet, figuring out how to get more done in less time is critical. It’s never been more true – time is your scarcest resource.

The good news? There are concrete steps you can take to reclaim hours in your work week. By cutting the inefficiency out of the tasks and reports that you repeat regularly – some of them, daily – you’ll save countless hours. That’s time you can apply directly to higher-value activities that improve the bottom line of your business.

Automation is the key, because every minute spent chasing down fuel cost or mileage so you can accurately bid a new job, scrambling to put a contingency plan in place because of unexpected vehicle downtime, or sifting through hours of dash cam video to find the few frames that will exonerate your driver, is all time spent not making your business more agile, profitable or customer-centric.

We’ve talked to hundreds of fleet safety and operations managers, and in today’s episode you’ll learn 5 best practices that will save you time, allowing you to work on your business instead of your fleet.

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