Episode 10: Top Hacks to Cut Costs While Growing Your Fleet
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Discovering the need to expand your fleet is great news; it means your business is growing. But each time you add a vehicle, your costs increase as well. You’re adding to your insurance premiums. More drivers on the road means greater chances of an accident – along their associated costs and liability. And there’s increased fuel and maintenance expenses to consider. It’s important to cut fleet costs by eliminating unnecessary expenses as your business grows.

On the surface, it sounds daunting – especially if your business centers on delivering a service and your fleet is simply a means to reach your customers and not a core part of your mission. But with a straightforward plan – a plan informed by the data already flowing through your business – it doesn’t have to be daunting at all.

In today’s episode, you’ll learn top hacks to cut costs while growing your fleet so you can cut the unnecessary expense out of your operation and maximize the profit that hits your bottom line.

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