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Stavola Creates Operational Efficiency & Savings

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June 21, 2022

Digital Transformation & Unified Data Creates Operational Efficiency & Savings for Stavola

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Industry: Construction, Asphalt & Recycling Materials

“To have an ally in your corner who does a lot of the work for you and sets you up for success– it only helps.”

Joe Torrente, Director of Transportation

Joe Torrente, Stavola’s director of transportation, manages a complicated operation. With multiple jobsites, an array of construction assets and hundreds of contractors at any given time, when the most basic—and important—data from their telematics vendor wasn’t reliable, it was time to make a change.


  1. Unreliable, disconnected data and paper-based processes that made resource management and billing challenging.

  2. Accurately monitoring performance and safety for hourly contractors operating massive vehicles and equipment where accidents are inevitable.

  3. Complicated business with a large workforce, specialized equipment and multiple projects and job sites.


  1. Integrate operational and billing data for optimized asset utilization, accurate billing and speedy payroll.

  2. Protect their business from unsafe driver behavior patterns and false insurance claims.

  3. Provide visibility for site supervisors, leadership, payroll, insurance and more.


  • 4 hours per day saved managing manual timecards/payroll
  • 440 supervisor hours saved per jobsite

Learn how connecting operations can improve your visibility of the field

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