Webinar: 3 Steps to Creating Fleet Safety Buy-In Part 2

in Safety & Compliance

Webinar Series: 3 Steps to Creating Fleet Safety Buy-In

There is a huge difference between safety and safety buy-in. This 3-part webinar series is designed for fleet operations and safety leaders to help their organizations get better buy-in to safety.

Step 2: Build supervisor support (for AI Video)

In a fleet driven organization, the greatest influence on a driver’s buy-in to safety performance, morale, motivation, communications, and coaching is their front-line supervisor. In this webinar, learn how creating alignment across your organization, especially with driver supervisors, is the key to success.

It’s a fact: AI Video data and reports help identify individual coaching needs and implement rewards programs. The information is ideal for creating driver scorecards and training programs that address the most common and costly fleet safety situations. Building supervisor support is the next critical step in creating buy-in.