On-Demand Webinar: Maximize the Value of Your Assets with Reports

During the third installment of our Connected Customer webinar, Integrated Solutions Architect Patrick Quiery took a deep dive into leveraging on-demand and scheduled reports to drive cross-functional decisions, ways you can use report data to determine cause and effect relationships, and strategies to improve safety and customer satisfaction.

Common reports our customers use include Geofence and Landmark-based reports, Safety, Speeding, Stops, Idle, Movement and Activity Data, Temperature, Fuel Monitoring, and Service.

Reports can provide cross-functional insight 

 Reports provide the most benefit when they include data from across your field and asset operations. 

Report Dashboard

Safety & Scorecards reports allow organizations to leverage speed and accelerometer data. With the data, organizations can see what drivers are doing well, who needs additional coaching and how well they are managing safety at the organizational level.  

Geofence & Landmark-based reports provide the ability to capture arrival and departure from points of interest. You can use arrival and departure times to make sure that your operators delivered on customer expectations. 

Stops, Idle, Movement & Activity data provides managers with deep visibility into how efficient operators are. Capturing organizationwide metrics can help managers increase fuel efficiency, safety and maintenance. 

Temperature reports help ensure proper temperature compliance from loading until final delivery. Having the data to share with customers can give assurance of the product’s quality.  

Vehicle Service reports help organizations track their service costs over time. This can help determine if service costs are increasing as well as which assets have a high cost-per-mile so may be worth replacing with a newer asset 

On-Demand Webinar

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