Podcast: AI Video Dash Cameras: How To Maximize ROI on Your Fleet Investment


Optimizing safety is a top priority for fleet-driven businesses, and a tremendous responsibility for fleet and safety managers. It takes full visibility – on and off the road – to keep drivers safe, ensure compliance with company safety policies and regulatory requirements, reduce accidents and violations (and their associated legal and insurance cost implications), and protect the business and brand reputation. 

Fortunately, new artificial intelligence (AI) technology can help fleet-driven businesses achieve all of these goals. In this short, five-minute podcast, John Carione dives in on 6 tips for to help you maximize your ROI with AI video cameras. And to make it easy to put these practices to work today, you can download a short guide that contains all of these tips that you can put into action, making it easier to retain your current drivers and even grow your team. 

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