Podcast: Best Practices for Getting Your Drivers On Board with AI Video Dash Cameras



Tools like AI video dash cams can significantly reduce accidents, violations and even your insurance rates and payouts. We all know the technology is important, but realizing their full safety potential takes driver buy-in. For your program to be successful, you’ve got to show your team the real-time reduction in driving risk and how the cameras serve as an impartial eyewitness that can exonerate them from false claims.

In this short, five-minute podcast, John Carione dives in on 8 tips for a successful AI video dash cam rollout.  He shares best practices you can use to gain the buy-in of your drivers when you install AI video dash cams in your fleet vehicles. And to make it easy to put these practices to work today, you can download a short guide that contains all of these best practices plus some bonus pro tips to get you moving in the right direction.

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