How to Exonerate Innocent Drivers – and Your Brand

Did you know that up to 80% of incidents that are routinely blamed on your drivers are not their fault?* So how can you protect your drivers from these false claims?

With accident rates for commercial fleets above 20%,* you may be looking at expensive insurance premiums, lowered CSA scores,  and additional large costs for your business.

Read this eBook to learn how much these incidents are costing your drivers and brand, and how pairing AI Video with telematics can protect you from liability (and prevent accidents in the first place).

*Source:’s Truck Safety Coalition attacks ATA truck-car crash data

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“Sometimes drivers do get blamed for things they don’t do, it’s kind of difficult to tell a customer, ‘sorry, you’re wrong’ but we’re able to go to a video and show exactly what happened. That was revolutionary for us. Drivers, after a few months and a couple incidents, were able to see that this was a tool not just for us, it was for them." - Joe Gallitto, DJ Ambulette