Higher Education Connected Fleet and Asset Management Tech Solution

Benefit from increased oversight and accountability with an IoT connected fleet management solution for universities.

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Optimize the Utilization and Efficiency of Your Large Campus, Multi-Purpose Fleet 

Higher education has a unique set of needs when it comes to fleet and asset management. With a heavily utilized multi-purpose fleet that may include staff vehicles, shuttle buses, utility vehicles, golf cars, and maintenance assets, large campuses need to stay ahead of preventative maintenance and utilization to meet high project demand. Increasing complexities, higher education also grapples with tight budgets, elevating efficiency and optimized utilization to a critical concern.

IntelliShift is a total solution that unifies telematics data, people, and processes to deliver real-time insights. Higher education organizations rely on IntelliShift to ensure the optimal efficiency, utilization, and maintenance of their mixed-use fleet operations. 

A Connected Solution Increases Productivity and Efficiency 

Manage Asset Accountability and Utilization Efficiently – Identify assets that are over or underutilized and have real-time location data on your workforcefleet, and assets.

Extend the Lifecycle of Your Fleet – Connect your telematics data to your maintenance management to use odometer, usage, engine hours, and more to better predict and implement proactive maintenance. 

Protect High-Value Equipment – Use geofencing to prevent theft and unauthorized use.

Reduce Technology Spend  Consolidate redundant fleet management technologies while gaining a holistic view of your fleet operations.

Manage Fuel Costs – Visibility into spend and fuel card usage reduces costs and prevents improper use.

Improve Accountability  Provide services for the campus more efficientlyon time and on budget.


IntelliShift is ideal for higher education organizations that need to ensure that campus fleet and asset management processes run smoothly. IntelliShift helps decision-makers right-size their fleet and operations, automate processes and even implement and manage sustainability programs, all from aIoT connected platform.

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A Total Solution to Manage your Higher Education Fleet and Equipment

IntelliShift is an innovative total solution that addresses the inadequacies of out-of-the-box telematics solutions. Our next-generation operations intelligence platform is configurable to your organization’s specific needs and goals. Our award-winning customer support and account teams partner with you to ensure success. 

Our Modular, Integrated Solutions Deliver Actionable Enterprise Operations Intelligence

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