Connected Vehicle, Asset, & Equipment Management Solutions for Water Authorities

A next-generation, unified platform that increases insights into your multi-purpose fleet operations.

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Connect Data, Vehicles, Equipment, People, and Processes to Maximize Safety while Delivering Quality Service

We work with water authorities to connect and optimize their operations so they have the insights to achieve their core mission: furnishing clients with an unparalleled customer experience as they seek to provide diligently tested water at the lowest cost possible.

IntelliShift is a configurable solution that unifies telematics data, connected operations information, people, and processes, giving decision-makers a 360-degree view of their field operations to make more effective decisions. No two business operations or industries are the same and the solutions we deploy for our water authority clients are tailored to their specific uses case.

Optimize the Performance and Accountability of Your Operations

Gain Total Fleet Visibility and Accountability – Collect real-time data on your multi-purpose fleet and workforce behavior to optimize total operations efficiency, safety, and productivity.

Deliver Quality Service Quickly – Know in real-time the location and availability of your fleet and equipment to dispatch the nearest employees to new jobs. Optimize routing to increase productivity and serve your customers better.

Manage Fuel Costs – Ensure proper use of fuel cards and fuel spend by connecting each vehicle to fuel costs.

Reduce Risk and Promote Safety – Assess employee driving trends and modify unsafe behaviors by tying driver behavior to Driver Scorecards for training and monitoring.

Minimize Wear and Tear and Prevent Downtimes – Easily identify assets that are under or overutilized. Tie digital inspections to your preventative maintenance process to reduce costs and downtime.

Set Up Custom Reports – View real-time and historical data to make changes that create a safer, more productive fleet operation.

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IntelliShift is a Total Connected Solution to Manage your Multi-Purpose Water Authority Fleet and Equipment

IntelliShift is a next-generation solution that addresses the inadequacies of out-of-the-box telematics solutions for multi-purpose water authority fleet operators. Our platform configures to your specific needs and goals while our award-winning customer support and account teams partner with you to ensure business success.

Our Modular, Integrated Solutions Deliver Actionable Enterprise Operations Intelligence

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