Public Transit Connected Fleet and Asset Platform

Increase oversight and accountability with a connected solution.

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Optimize the Performance and Cost-Effectiveness of Your Public Transit Maintenance Fleet and Asset Operations, from Railcars to Vehicles to Equipment

Authorities have a huge task in managing the efficiency, cleanliness, and safety of their transportation systems. To do so efficiently involves managing a mobile workforce as well as a multi-purpose maintenance fleet and equipment.

IntelliShift is a total solution that connects telematics and operational data, people, and processes to deliver real-time 360-degree visibility. Organizations in the public transportation industry use IntelliShift to support their total operations by unifying geospatial, utilization, safety, and maintenance data for rail cars, vacuum trains, vehicles, equipment, and more. These next-generation operational insights empower public transit organizations to drive continuous process improvement while monetizing their assets.

A Connected Solution Increases Productivity and Visibility 

Maximize Asset Use and Availability  Easily identify assets that are both under and overutilized. 

Extend the Lifecycle of Your Fleet – Set notifications to perform regular preventative maintenance to minimize fleet and asset downtime.

Protect Heavy Equipment – Use geofencing to gain real-time visibility into the location of your fleet and equipment.

Reduce IT Spend – Our flexible data consumption options and API connect IntelliShift with other backoffice systems for a single view of your total operations.

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IntelliShift is a Total Solution to Manage Your Public Transportation Fleet and Equipment

IntelliShift is an innovative solution that addresses the inadequacies of out-of-the-box telematics solutions. Our next-generation operations intelligence platform is configurable to your organization’s specific needs and goals. Our award-winning customer support and account teams partner with you to ensure success. 

Our Modular, Integrated Solutions Deliver Actionable Enterprise Operations Intelligence

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