Next-Generation Connected Solutions for Food & Beverage Fleet Operations

Keep track of your mobile workforce and assets to deliver on customer expectations.

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Keep Your Delivery Fleet On-Time and Your Customers Happy

It’s critical to your business that goods arrive to customers on-time and protectedTo accomplish thisyou need to be able to adapt and respond quickly to customer needs, inclement weather, or even adverse traffic conditionsIntelliShift delivers real-time insights so you can deliver on customer expectations no matter the challenges at hand 

IntelliShift is a total asset and fleet management solution that unifies your telematics data, people, and processes to deliver real-time insights We work with you to configure the platform to your needs so that you can stay ahead of your day-to-day challenges and meet your long-term business goals. You’ll benefit from real-time data about your mobile workforce and multi-use fleet so you can make smarter decisions to boost profitability and satisfy your customers. 

A Connected Solution Increases Productivity and Profitability 

Manage Delivery Fleet and Assets  Identify productivity and efficiency opportunities from your IoT connected fleet and assets.

Optimize Routes – AI-based route optimization determines the shortest travel times and lowest fuel consumption to get goods to your customers faster.

Manage Cold ChainAvoid Spoilage and Contamination  Ensure accurate temperature control for food and beverage deliveries where the cold chain must be maintained.

Promote Safe Driving and Reduce Risk  Pinpoint and modify unsafe driver behavior with safety training programs that leverage driver scorecards.

Reduce Fuel Costs – Accurately track spending on fuel and ensure proper fuel cards usage.

Extend Your Fleet’s Lifecycle  Stay ahead of your maintenance needs with real-time alerts and connected compliance and maintenance processes to ensure minimal downtime and prevent unnecessary maintenance issues.

Maintain DOT Compliance and Aoid Costly Violations – Our connected ELD, hours of service (HOS), and inspection solutions facilitate easy operator compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.

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The Science of Exceptional Customer Service

Improving the delivery of goods is important to your customers and your bottom line. Equally important is safeguarding your drivers and brand. With a next-generation, connected fleet and asset intelligence platform, you can be assured that your total fleet operations are meeting your clients’ expectations.   

IntelliShift is driven by a client-first premise paired with deep fleet knowledge. Our award-winning client support and onboarding teams partner with each food and beverage client to understand their specific priorities and align our solutions to their day-to-day initiatives and long-term goals. 

IntelliShift is a Total Solution to Manage Your Food and Beverage Fleet

IntelliShift is an innovative solution that addresses the inadequacies of out-of-the-box telematics solutions. Our next-generation operations intelligence platform is configurable to your organization’s specific needs and goals. Our award-winning customer support and account teams partner with you to ensure success. 

Our Modular, Integrated Solutions Deliver Actionable Enterprise Operations Intelligence

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Fuel Management

Safety & Dash Cams

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