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Want to improve your bottom line? The secret for construction businesses is Total Operational Visibility

The IntelliShift Effect

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Construction operations are complex, and we see many businesses running into the same challenges. So we created a guide as an exclusive offer to AGC members and Constructor readers. Click to download your copy of the Complete Guide to Optimizing Construction Operations.

Learn more about IntelliShift by browsing a few solutions that we provide to our construction clients to enable total operational visibility.


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Solutions to boost productivity

Total Visibility

All your people, assets, processes and jobsites in one place.

You should know exactly where your assets are, and how effectively they are being used. Visibility of your assets in the field means you can maximize your resources.

Turn Data into Action

Uncover opportunities for improvement at every level

You should be able to consolidate data from across your operations in one place. From asset utilization to safety and compliance, create visualizations that can help you track progress back to all your business objectives.


Prevent Vehicle and Asset Downtime

Minimize downtime, costs and the time you spend staying compliant and safe by digitizing inspections and preventative maintenance. Create custom checklists and workflows, and deploy to the field instantly to ensure your operators complete required inspections, and you’re compliant with OSHA, DOT, FMCSA and other regulations.

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The Complete Guide to Optimizing Construction Operations

Complete Guide to Optimizing Construction Operations Cover

Your construction operations are complex and built on constantly shifting mobile operations with multiple job sites and countless numbers of vehicles and equipment at the center. The key to rising above the complexity and increasing the productivity of your construction fleet lies in breaking down silos and getting better visibility of all the action across your operations.

In the guide, you’ll learn:

  • Why the status quo with technology providers has to go
  • Key causes of operational silos, and how to knock them down
  • Best practices for finding the right solutions to move construction forward
  • Pro-tips for how to use the data you’ve already got to improve decision making