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Protect Your Construction Business from COVID-19

Albert Ross is the practice lead for maintenance and inspection at IntelliShift. He shares his thoughts on how companies can protect the health of their employees and customers.

My neighbor owns a commercial construction company. To protect his 1,000 employees from COVID-19, he requires photos of his team practicing social distancing on job sites, limits elevator occupancy, and has put in place PPE mandates. 

But not all companies are taking these precautions 

Protecting Your Construction Business from COVID-19 is Critical

The same neighbor mentioned a drywall provider hworks with that has multiple confirmed cases of COVID19. This spread resulted from allowing people to work who were symptomatic.

Long story short, my neighbor’s entire crew is now infected, and one person is critically ill and on a ventilator. He has had to shut down the job site.  

The moral of this story is all businesses must proactively prevent the spread of COVID-19 and its negative consequences. 

Don’t Let COVID-19 Taint Your Brand  

Your employees are your brand. Whether on the road or at a large site, vehicles, assets, and employees are essentially rolling billboards for your company. So, experiencing downtime as a result of spreading COVID-19 puts a stain on your reputation.  

Now the drywall provider is associated with spreading a virus instead of the quality of its work. The years it may have taken for the company to build a positive brand image is muted by the need for damage control.


Protect Employee & Customer Health  

Even just one employee unable to work is a cost to the company. Multiply this by 1,000 workers, add-in project delay, and you might end up with revenue loss or customer mistrust.  

If a customer trusts you to continue to work on critical construction projects during the pandemic, business owners must do everything to keep them safe from encountering sick employees or subcontractors

COVID-19 is pushing construction companies to change their processes to prioritize health.  

Requiring employees to take their temperatures daily before work and stay home when it’s abnormal is critical to stopping infection spread. Wiping down vehicles or equipment before and after use, mandating frequent handwashing, and social distancing are also musts.  

By not taking these steps employees, companies, and business owners may become liable.  Liability might result in higher unemployment claims and worker’s compensation filings to personal injury or even wrongful death lawsuits.  

The good news is there are simple, practical steps you can take to protect your construction business from COVID-19.

Retooling your inspection process is essential.

Digital Inspections to the Rescue 

Revamping your inspections to include health-checks helps prevent the loss of manpower. Using a digital inspection tool allows companies with multi-purpose fleets to standardize inspections to meet federal, state, and local laws effectively. It can also protect employees. 

The right digital platform won’t cost you any more than paper, but dollar for dollar it will yield the most significant ROI in your company’s technology stack. 

Integrating employee safety into the pre- and post-use vehicle and asset inspections ensures no mechanical issues slip through the cracksThe right innovative solution will trigger real-time alerts when issues arise enabling the ability to schedule maintenance or repair instantly. As a result,  companies will incur fewer fines and qualify for lower insurance rates 

Add in the benefit of configuring checklists to standardize health protocols so employees remain healthy as they service customers. Employees asked to take their temperatures daily can capture and photograph the readout and uploading it ensures people stay home when ill.

And some of our customers have put up plastic dividers to separate people in a vehicle. Now their inspection process includes securing the barriers at all touchpoints to make certain assets and employees are sanitized at the start and end of each day.

Creating a comprehensive “did everything” policy gives your employees and customers the assurance their health is a business prioritySurveying employee’s health frequently as well as your assets protects profits and your brand’s reputation. 

Looking to protect your construction business from COVID-19? Speak to an IntelliShift Expert today

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