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In The News: Construction Business Owner – The Foundation for Safety & Success

February 01, 2021

This article by IntelliShift CTO, Ryan Wilkinson, was originally published by Construction Business Owner on February 1, 2021.

How Monitoring Vehicle & Driver Wellness is the Foundation for Safety & Success

“When it comes to fleet management, drivers, technicians, maintenance supervisors and managers all have an integral part to play to ensure their vehicles, equipment and assets are up to code by conducting frequent inspections, or risk being shut down by regulatory government organizations.

Luckily, inspections today are not what they once were a few decades ago, having come a long way with advanced technologies and efficient, streamlined processes. With connected operations technologies, site managers can now use digitized solutions to perform inspections of their vehicle, equipment and assets. Performing regular checks and getting ahead of issues before they snowball into bigger problems not only prevents unnecessary maintenance spend, but also allows construction and fleet leaders to better manage vehicle, asset and equipment availability by preventing unexpected downtime and lost productivity.

In addition to asset management, safety is an integral part of any inspection – leaders know that if their company isn’t operating safely, it not only puts their fleet drivers and operators at risk, it’s also risking public safety, the health of their vehicle, equipment and assets, business productivity, and, finally, the bottom line. To put it in perspective – having a roadside inspection program in place can prevent an estimated 14,000 accidents and 9,000 injuries in a year.”

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