The Aftermath of the ELD Mandate

According to the Wall Street Journal, the rollout of the ELD mandate in December 2017 was slower than anticipated.

Many businesses believed that the mandate was going to be pushed back, but instead, many were left scrambling to find a solution to meet the deadline.

Aftermath of the ELD Mandate

If you were one of these businesses, you might feel dissatisfied with the customer service that you received, or may not be sold on the functionality and the quality of the ELD product at hand. If you’re thinking about jumping ship, here are some things to consider when switching over to another ELD solution:

  • Purpose. What do you want this device to do? Do you want it to be strictly an electronic logbook, or are you looking for something that can do more to help manage your fleet? Think about the extent to which you want your business to have collectible data: do you want to uncover possible savings?
  • Compliance. Double-check, even triple check to make sure that when reconsidering an ELD, you understand that the product is ELD compliant and certified by the FMCSA.
  • Support. You want a business that will provide not only a service but support when things naturally go wrong. A strong relationship between your business and its customer service is needed in order to successfully implement the ELD software.
  • Training. Is this new company going to give you the proper amount of time for adequate training? Are they able to move over the data that you need to be federally compliant? Make sure to ask about what they are willing to do to ensure that your business has the proper training,
  • Installation. If you’re considering a new ELD, your business will most likely need a seamless transition. Talk to one of their representatives about the installation process. If they still appear swamped by the large volume of businesses that are adopting this software, then consider another ELD provider.

The ELD mandate might feel like a hassle for your business, but with the right guidance and approach to the implementation process, you’ll find the best solution.

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