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The FMCSA ELD mandate is a signal for your business to make some real operational changes. It’s easy to view this mandate as a burden and just another hoop that your business needs to jump through, but it can be so much more than just another obligatory government initiative.

If you’re late to the game when it comes to research on ELDs, here’s the very basics to help you understand opportunities to uncover real savings within your business.

What is an ELD? An ELD stands for Electronic Logging Device, and it is supposed to take the place of current written logs that fleet drivers use to track their hours. ELDs tend to be more accurate and dependable, and when police officers or other government officials pull over your drivers and check their logs, they know that they can trust the information, which saves your drivers time in the long run.

Many ELD solutions are customizable so that they can fit the needs of virtually any business. Before you pick a solution, make sure that they are approved by the FMCSA and are considered ELD compliant. Next, have a list of things that you believe your business can improve upon: whether it’s saving money, having better relations with customers, or both, know that there are ways that fleet tracking software can help you.

Some popular features that fleet management solutions provide are fuel monitoring, vehicle maintenance recording, improved and updated routing, two-way messaging, and driver behavior. With the right company, you’ll be able to discover areas of your business that can improve upon- increasing your productivity, encouraging efficiency and saving your business time and money.

Need an ELD solution? Check out Logbook.

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