ELD Compliance: Did You Make the Right Choice?

Violations are down less than 50% since the ELD mandate was enacted.

This mandate demanded that fleets adopt solutions that would help them avoid these violations, but based on the numbers, something isn’t adding up.

Is your fleet one of the many victims of an unreliable ELD solution?

Right now, there are hundreds of companies who claim that their ELD solutions will manage your Hours of Service (HOS) and help your vehicles stay compliant. Did you know that most of these providers are less knowledgeable about the fleet management industry than you are?

These providers are often new to the industry and created their product because they saw an opportunity when the mandate was put in place. In some cases, these providers may know even less about the mandate than you.

But shouldn’t they be the experts?

While many companies with fleets were fighting against the mandate due to fines, monitoring, effects on driver’s hours, monthly costs, and more, the mandate enforcement date was moving closer.

This impending deadline has lead businesses with fleets to frantically search for a solution. Were you one of them?

Chances are you were. Think back to the time when you had to fight for the extra budget for the solution and quickly find a product that could help your fleet stay compliant. After that, you had to worry about training your drivers.

The entire process could be very overwhelming. During this time your fleet was vulnerable. There was an opportunity for ELD providers to push their products on your business pressuring you to choose the cheapest and easiest solution. These ELD providers took advantage of your business’ need during that time and used it to make a profit.

When you chose an ELD provider, you trusted that they had developed a product that would solve your problem. Above all, you wanted your fleet to stay compliant to avoid violations.

Did you make the right choice?

These violation fines can add up quickly and end up costing your business thousands of dollars. Can you really afford to face these fines? Do you worry that fines could even put you out of business?

The fines for these violations range from $1,000-$10,000.

According to the North American Transportation Association, the average fine is $2,867 and the highest recorded fine was over $13,000.

Those numbers on their own are high, but how many vehicles do you have in your fleet? How many of these vehicles risk violating the mandate and collecting those fines?

These numbers can add up quickly and put your business in danger. How much can you really afford to pay before you start cutting back on drivers, vehicles, and other important assets?

Isn’t it time you made sure that the ELD solution you chose is the best fit for your fleet?

According to the FMCSA, 95% of fleets have adopted an ELD solution, so why are there still so many violations?

It proves that most likely half of fleets are using a solution that cannot help them stay compliant.

You shouldn’t have to worry about this. You should be able to easily choose a provider who has a strong solution that actually solves your problem. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. If you don’t do enough research, or you settle for an inexpensive solution, you could end up making a mistake that will seriously hurt your bottom line.

Luckily, it’s not too late to switch providers. There are hundreds of options available to you, and while that may seem overwhelming, all you need to do is arm yourself with the information you need to make the right choice.

A strong ELD solution will not only help your fleet stay compliant, but it will improve productivity, safety, and efficiency across your fleet. There are more benefits to managing your driver’s hours of service than just staying compliant.

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