Transitioning to New Technology is a Burden, the Onboarding Process is Make-or-Break


Kristi Faltorussoour VP of Customer Success and a leader in the Customer Success space, recently joined a virtual panel with her peers during SuccessHACKER’s “Executing a Flawless Onboarding Experience webinar. She zoomed in our process and how integral onboarding is to the success of each long-term customer relationshipSince this process is so key to any relationship, we’ve added additional detail below to provide the full picture of what it’s like to onboard with a solutions provider that puts your success first. 

What is the Customer Journey and Why Does it Matter? 

Your customer journey starts when you first engage with a potential partner and through the life of the relationship. Because we work with large organizations, we’ve structured the customer experience accordingly. Each customer gets assigned a designated account team. The account team tailors the onboarding process, creating a plan that includes structured installation (we deploy our in-house team of installers to your assets), success goalsand user training and ongoing technical support. Add to that our regular business reviews and gathering of customer feedback and you have a roadmap that shows you how to arrive at the end goal where the customer achieves their desired outcomes. 

Customer Success onboarding

During the call to her peers, Kristi noted that every step of the relationship is important but the most important stage is onboarding because it determines success, includes the setting of expectations and needs, as well as sows the seeds of the future relationship with the customer.” 

IntelliShift Customer Journey

Kristi explains that it’s imperative to your long-term success to find a solutions partner that prioritizes three things:  

  1. Customer experience and support 
  2. An unwavering focus on your business goals 
  3. Solutions-oriented platform innovation

Onboarding Sets the Tone for Success 

Switching from one provider to the next is always a big undertaking with multiple departments involved, assets spread out across various cities and regions, and detailed operations specific to each customer. Moving to a new technology provider is never done lightlyIf done well, onboarding helps reduce friction, makes for a better experience, and sets up a long-term relationship.  

In order to understand customer needs and expectations, everyone involved needs to be in sync from the beginning. “We introduce customer success and onboarding to customers during the sales process,” Kristi said. “We call it a partnership kickoff call to make a formal introduction, have key conversations to align on the customer’s goals and needs, and walk them through the partnership journey.” 

cs onboarding process

Ultimately, we want to get the customer to articulate success, she continued. “It’s up to us to understand what success means to them and bridge the gap using our product.  

When it comes to creating a successful relationship, it’s important to configure a platform to the customer’s needs. “Each customer has different use cases and needs so we do not offer a one-size-fits-all product,” Kristi said. We configure our platform against their needs, creating alerts, reports, processes, etc., to fit their operations and goals.” 

Keep Shared Goals on Track with Project Management & Regular Communication  

IntelliShift has long focused on project management as key to successful implementation and Kristi brought this to the next level when she joined in January 2020. One of the first things she did to increase visibility and accountability by all parties during onboarding was to implement GuideCX. This project management tool provides shared visibility into onboarding as a project, offering a few key benefits: 

  • Keeps the project progressing 
  • All parties can see what they are accountable for with deadlines and status 
  • Ensures you can start using what you are paying for in a timely fashion 

So You’ve Been Onboarded. Now What? 

Because communication is the oxygen to any relationship, we conduct a postonboarding survey with each client to see how well we did and get your input on how to improve. This allows us to get vital feedback after onboarding is said and done and make sure we hit those goals we set up at the outset. 

At this point, the relationship is just getting started. 

Are you ready to get started with an end-to-end platform configured to
your operations and business goals? Let’s chat.

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