Fleet Management Software – Is Bigger Really Better?


The Fleet Management Software as a Service “SaaS” space

The Fleet Management Software industry has been growing at an astounding 13% annually since 2012. This large growth in the market provides opportunities for providers of all sizes to acquire market share.

With approximately 18.5 million fleet vehicles in the US, and less than 8 million of them being equipped with a Fleet Management or Mobile Resource Management solution, there is not one provider that “owns” the space. However, there are a handful that are atop the list with over 500,000 devices deployed in the US today.

That being said, strength is not always in the numbers, especially when you must provide service to all of those customers. This is where a medium-sized provider can bring a unique set of benefits to their customers. They often have a deeper understanding of the requirements of their end users and have the potential to build stronger relationships than their larger counterparts. Through providing other tailored value-added services, a smaller, nimbler provider can fit a significant need that might otherwise go unfulfilled by a less flexible larger company.

Typically, small-to-medium-sized service providers tend to have a historical relationship with their customers, making them well-suited to service as a trusted advisor or consultant as their clients evolve and require more features and services.

A SaaS provider that has experienced steady growth over 10+ years, has organically grown their customer base. Thus, they typically know their customer best, and can use that knowledge to assist new clients as they maintain an intimate relationship by having the proper client service rep to client ratios to ensure the provider to client relationship is a two-way street.

VTS has been in the Fleet Management Software world since 2002, and has continuously grown year after year for over 14 years now. IntelliShift, a division of VTS,  is not the largest provider in the industry. However, being ranked in the top 10 providers in the US Mobile Resource Management Market Study for 2016-2017 by C.J. Driscoll & Associates certainly makes them a top tier provider, but also a very exclusive company at that.

VTS is the only privately held solution provider in the top 10. This also puts them in a unique position, as they are not looking out for their investors interests, or their board of directors, but rather their clients interest. VTS was founded by John Cunningham in 2002, with one simple premise in mind, Cunningham wanted to “Use technology to increase productivity, enhance customer service, and reduce operating costs”.

VTS continues to raise the bar with the level of customer service they provide to their clients. They see the client making an investment, and VTS strives to ensure the client sees a rapid return on that investment. That is one of the things that sets VTS apart from the competition. They focus on the client’s specific needs and requirements, and how they can use their software to both satisfy them and improve upon them; thus enhancing their operation while reducing operating costs.

VTS currently provides services to over 2,500 companies operating in over 40 states throughout the US. With dedicated account managers being part of the US-based customer service department at VTS, clients get a personal experience working with their dedicated client service team.

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