IntelliShift Strategy and Closing Remarks


IntelliShift president, Doug Eden, gives closing remarks at the company’s inaugural ConnectedOps virtual event. He shares thoughts on IntelliShift’s corporate strategy, and discusses how it establishes business process connections and brings next-generation digital transformation into the connected fleet and asset world – helping IntelliShift clients more effectively manage their operations, increase profit margins, and create safer work environments for their employees and their customers.

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ConnectedOps 2020 closing remarks

Doug Eden: Hi all, my name is Doug Eden, President of IntelliShift. I want to truly thank each of you for your attendance and coming together to participate in our first ever IntelliShift Connected Operations event. I would also like to extend our sincerest appreciation to the fantastic clients and partners who dedicated their time, energy, and support by participating and sharing their experiences. We are keen to make this the first of many Connected Operations events as we continue our drive towards connected vehicle asset and predictive operational intelligence innovation. Throughout this year, as we have continued to navigate our exciting evolutionary path, as well as the new normal we all find ourselves working and living in, it became clear to me we are experiencing a watershed period in our history.

The stakes are even higher than ever before, and companies require next-generation technology solutions to adapt and thrive. There is an incredible opportunity for operations who rely on connected vehicles, assets, and operators to evolve how they look at the various departments and processes that contribute to their ability to be successful while supporting their clients and their employees. This spans across departments and discipline lines, from safety to fleet management, to compliance and risk, to maintenance and finance and so on. These processes and the associate data captured are all connected, even though traditionally, they have not been viewed that way, thus our drive to connected operations innovation and this event. While the tools at our disposal have evolved, our founders John and Karen Cunningham, understood this almost 20 years ago. Now, the rapid advent of incredibly sophisticated technology like AI and machine learning in an industry that is entirely data-driven offers an incredible opportunity for companies who lean forward on continuous process improvement. Done correctly, solutions like IntelliShift can now foster specific business process connections and bring next-generation digital transformation into the connected fleet and asset world, therefore helping companies more effectively manage their operations, foster better profit margins, and create safer work environments for their employees and their clients.

To reiterate John Cunningham’s sentiments in his opening remarks, our view has always been anchored by our belief that the end-to-end customer experience must be paramount to everything we do. This is core to our company DNA and drives us every day, from R&D to hiring to project management to application and solution development, this approach to a customer-first methodology has resulted in both a holistic IntelliShift platform, as well as the various solutions and use cases we’ve reviewed together today. From day one, our evolutionary milestones were driven by you, our forward-thinking user community who continually shared their thoughts and insights on how we could improve to better support you. Although technological innovation empowers us to do more, the main goal has never changed: furnish the right information for the right people that empowers them to make better business decisions.

Hopefully, over the last several hours, you have heard and seen how we are manifesting this core philosophy into aggressively delivering and driving connected vehicle asset operations and predictive data solutions. As we discussed through today’s session, this R&D resulted in an IntelliShift platform purposely engineered to deliver a unique, modular application approach to support the various departments we interface with. We architected it to empower us to collaborate with our clients on their business intent and KPIs and then work backwards to ensure we stand up and configure an instance of IntelliShift that is specific to them, i.e. delivering the experience and solution they need to affect iterative improvement in their specific companies and industries. As you have heard from our clients who have shared their use cases and strategy, this is very different than the product-in-a-box point solution model that is widely prevalent in our industry. This configured approach, driven and powered by change agents like you, is the baseline of all our future innovation.

Now, for what is next for IntelliShift and what drives my passion in this industry. As highlighted by Patrick during the Operational Intelligence session and discussed by Ryan during his Strategic Roadmap keynote, the future of IntelliShift and the value you bring is all about information that’s available in real-time, anywhere, and at any time. A lot of industries toss around phrases like business intelligence, artificial intelligence and machine learning, etcetera; however, in our industry, they truly mean something due to the vast amount of vehicle asset operator and client information generated by connected fleet driven processes, not sheer volumes of interesting data, which is common in our industry, and which by itself and without context is fundamentally not actionable, but actual, truly meaningful information that is not only specific to our individual clients, but specific to the individual departments and users who consume it. The more information we compile to augment what we capture ensures deeper and deeper real-world insights, hence our focus on ingesting data from OEMs like Ford and Caterpillar and others to buy directional relationships with other software companies.
We trust that we’ve conveyed today that all of these initiatives and solutions are intentionally designed to be complimentary to our end goal, helping companies solve vehicle and asset-centric connected operations problems.

During our follow-up to this event, we will share an even more granularity and the unique aspects of our model, the associated solutions, and where we see this industry going. Speaking for all the IntelliShift team, we count ourselves truly fortunate to have a user base and community that collaborates with us to drive continuous improvement and innovation. So, thank you again for your attendance and involvement, and we hope this event was in some way informative and helpful to your upcoming operational initiatives. Our product experts will continue to be available for live chat and Q&A at this time. Should you have additional questions, feel free to head back over to the help desk or IntelliShift booth area as needed. If you missed any of the sessions today, they will be available on demand here, on the event platform, for the next four weeks. Have a great rest of your day.

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