Next-Gen Connected Vehicle & Asset Management Platform

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Transform Your Vehicle, Asset, and Operations Data Into Enterprise Operations Intelligence

IntelliShift is a next-generation, connected vehicle and asset management technology platform that unifies multi-use fleet and operations data in a single 360-degree view to drive business success.

Innovative Solutions and Client-First Premise

Deep industry knowledge, backed by VTS’ 20 years of client-first technology

We partner closely with clients to understand their specific priorities and configure a solution to address their day-to-day continuous improvement initiatives and long-term strategic business goals. 


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Operations Intelligence

Connect, analyze, and transform your telematics and operational data with powerful client-configured dashboards that deliver real operational intelligence and drive business roadmap success. 


Optimize your operations with real-time and historical insights from interconnected telematics for powered and non-powered assets and their operators. 


Protect your operators and reduce business risk with alerts and tools to manage and modify unsafe situations and driver behavior. 


Easily fulfill regulations to prevent unnecessary costs and productivity loss with our intuitive compliance solutions that keep your operations on track.


Run a truly preventative maintenance program to maximize business productivity, extend the life of your assets, and minimize unnecessary costs.

Route Management

Optimize service and delivery to customers to increase capacity while reducing delivery times, disruption, and fuel spend.   

Fuel Management

Gain visibility into fuel consumption patterns to uncover significant savings opportunities across your assets. 

Customer 360

Enhance your customer relationship management by delivering an optimal and unrivaled experience, keeping customers informed and engaged across every touchpoint. 

360-Degree Visibility

  • Leverage data in meaningful ways to make smarter business decisions and support enterprise-wide goals 
  • Reduce application redundancies and disparate data sets across your tech stack while sharing data with back-office systems 
  • Solve business problems and continuously improve processes to deliver total operational excellence 
Operations Intelligence Solution
Next-Gen Buyer's Guide

Large organizations need a unified solution that can provide 360-degree insights to drive business decisions and growth.


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